Mainstream Media in Germany Falsifies Article about Monday Demonstrations and the FED

Protesters in Germany are reenacting the Monday demonstrations that swashed through Eastern Germany prior to the German reunification. This time, however, they call out the Federal Reserve Bank.

Mainstream commentators in Germany would respond to this by accusing the protesters of anti-Semitism, which according to their opinion goes hand in hand with criticism of the Federal Reserve. To expose this demonization of peaceful and informed protesters and to provide background information about the Federal Reserve and the monetary system, I published an article called “Public Broadcasters in Germany Use Anti-Semitic Stereotypes and Conceal Truth about the FED” on We Are Change Germany (English translation here) on April 17th.

On April 19th, I republished the article on der Freitag, where the article received more than thousand likes within less than three days—more than any other article that I could find on that site—and more than 170 comments. This huge number of comments led to the article being featured on the main page of der Freitag, where the top five most commented articles that are not older than a week are listed automatically.

However, on April 22nd I noticed that the article no longer appeared on the main site. I then found out that the publishing date of the article had been changed to April 14th, which is five days before I registered on that site and two days before the events which I described in the article even happened. This falsification of the publishing date caused the article to disappear from the main site of der Freitag.

Obviously this was done on purpose to prevent visitors of the site to read the truth about the Federal Reserve and counterarguments to the accusations of anti-Semitism. Meanwhile, articles that demonize the protestors and the organizers of the weekly peace rallies continue to be featured news.

This unfolded literally only a few hours ago. It’s early morning now in Germany and the editors of der Freitag will not have gotten back to work yet, but when they return they will find a message from me asking who was responsible for the alteration and how they justify it. I promised to keep their answer confidential if they so wish, but I want to know who I’m dealing with.

These events are a crass violation of the journalistic code of honor and reveal the criminal energy with which the truth about banking is being suppressed, while the demonization of well-intended demonstrators goes unpunished.

Because I don’t know whether or not my account on der Freitag will be suspended and whether or not the article will be pulled entirely after the editors read this article here or my article in German exposing their fraud, I have made a screenshot showing how the publishing date of the article appears to be April 14th, even though on the right hand column it says that I only registered on that site on April 19th.

Kritik an der FED ist kein Antisemitismus – der Freitag

5 thoughts on “Mainstream Media in Germany Falsifies Article about Monday Demonstrations and the FED”

    1. By now I’ve been made aware of the fact that in their netiquette they even write that they resort to the practice of altering publication dates to take articles out of public view if they disagree with the articles. Of course, this is a crass contradiction of what is also stated in the netiquette, that der Freitag is beyond the mainstream and welcomes a broad variety of opinions. Articles critical of the Monday demonstrations have not been taken down like mine.

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