Setting the Chessboard for World War Three

While both the Russian and the US leadership would stand to gain from an open confrontation in the Ukraine, mainstream media doesn’t do anything to defuse tensions and protect the people from another world war. Not only does the media not do its job, it also uses false evidence to further beat the drums for war.

It would be very easy for the media to expose the double standards of the international community and the revolutionary government of the Ukraine. On one side, it is condoned when revolutionaries topple a democratically elected government in an effort to assert their self-determination, yet on the other side this very same right is denied to people in eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

It should be obvious that political control over the Ukraine is a sought after goal by the Western corporatocracy, whose puppet Arseniy Yatsenyuk has been installed as Ukraine’s prime minister to integrate the Ukraine into their system. If Yatsenyuk would truly care about the will of the Ukrainians, he would support nationwide referendums to ensure that all sub-regions of the Ukraine are allowed to choose their form of government themselves, whether they want to belong to the EU, to Russia, or if they want to be independent. However, his rhetoric does not display any sympathy with separatist movements that disagree with his vision for the Ukraine and claim their right of free self-determination—an ideal allegedly upheld by the West and the revolutionary government of the Ukraine.

Yet, all we hear from the West is how the revolutionary government, which came to power with strong US support, must be respected by all Ukrainians and the international community—despite the strong evidence that the new government is directly responsible for the shootings of both protesters and police forces at the Maidan and despite the fact that neo-Nazis were given key roles in the new Ukrainian government. Meanwhile, Russia also follows a policy that is inherently anti-freedom called the “fourth political theory,” which was developed by Alexander Dugin.

Both the US and Russia seek to present themselves as champions of the people, yet both follow policies that are diametrically opposed to the interests of the individual. Neither of the two will educate their people about the truth of the global banking system that is stalling human development worldwide, and neither of them will truly strengthen and protect individual liberties. By stirring up tensions in the Ukraine, both sides radicalize their citizens and distract from the declining state of internal affairs, a problem that is becoming increasingly acute worldwide.

In this environment, the control freaks on both sides would benefit from a war, not primarily in the sense of immediate creation or acquisition of wealth, but in the sense that control over their respective populations would be consolidated and the move of people to liberate themselves from oppressive systems would suffer a serious setback, as one would have to devote most of one’s time and effort to just surviving, which is why it is said that “war is the health of the state.”

It is thus clear that the battle lines of the Third World War are not drawn between Russia and the US, even though it might strongly appear to be that way on the surface. However, as both the US and Russia would benefit from a war in the very same ways, the actual opposing forces right now are freedom-loving individuals all over the world on one side and oppressive regimes on the other, whether they are in the Western world, Russia, China, or elsewhere.

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