This Is The Peaceful Solution Of The Conflict Between Israel And Palestine

The solution of the conflict between Israel and Palestine is the creation of a multi-ethnic state in which Jews and Arabs enjoy the same basic rights.

After WW2, the nations of the world should have opened themselves up to Jewish immigration. Every nation should have granted asylum to persecuted Jews within their means, and if one country had offered land for a state of Israel, that would have been an option as well. However, taking the British colony of Palestine and deciding that the majority of this land—which had been illegitimately governed by the British—is going to become the state of Israel is a violation of the rights of the Palestinians who lived there.

Neither any words in the Bible nor the possible presence of someone’s ancestors in the region some two thousand years ago are a legitimate justification to steal the land of the Palestinians today.

The current conflict can only be solved if Jews and Arabs agree to live alongside each other under the rule of law in the area of historic Palestine. Acts of violence are to be condemned, whether they are committed by Palestinian extremists like the Hamas or by the Zionist regime in Israel. The appropriate response to violent crimes cannot be the murder of innocent civilians.

The Palestinians’ only leverage in creating a peaceful solution is non-violent activism. Violent resistance is pointless because of Israel’s military superiority. The Israelis can also only resort to non-violent pressure on their political leadership, whose goal is the expulsion or annihilation of the Palestinian people.

People outside the conflict zone can also participate in educating others and increasing the pressure on the conflict parties as well as on the mediators.

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