How To Heal Ourselves

As time moves on, the emphasis among the great variety of subjects in the alternative arena is shifting. Today it’s common knowledge for virtually everybody who follows alternative news that 9/11 was in some way a staged event and that false flags are a common occurrence, that a rather tiny criminal class is indeed out there subverting nations and societies around the globe through their control of key positions in the global power structure, and that many wondrous things do or may well exist, from aliens to beings and energy in the unseen and even more.

There is a significant and still quickly growing number of people who for one reason or another have concluded that they have to play an active part in order to make a difference now, to turn things around on the planet and manifest an environment for ourselves and all of humanity that is characterized by freedom, respect and dignity.

We are at a point where there is more than enough critical information out there to substantiate that many of the systems that we live in are not serving the purpose they purportedly serve. One can always argue about the details, but it should be kept in mind that intellectual debates can not only be helpful—they can also become toxic, redundant, or distract from pressing issues. It’s important to discern that and act pragmatically.


: dealing with the problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way instead of depending on ideas and theories

It’s interesting to have, share and evaluate ideas and theories, but in real life sooner or later concrete action is called for, and there are many activities that involve more than one person and therefore require a certain degree of harmonization. Of course there are always those who are or consider themselves more knowledgeable than others, but just “being right”—whether it’s in one’s own head, among two people or in a greater group—is not all that matters when it comes to actually improving the efficiency of a particular process. In order to maximize leverage, pragmatism invites us to also interact with people and situations in a way that is conscious and considerate of the presently existing potential for change and development.

As the so-called alternative community, I think we’re at a point now to set our focus very clearly on personal empowerment on every level, making it popular and carrying it into the mainstream. We have to constantly remind everybody, including ourselves, of the greatness that is within all of us and that can only be truly awakened by oneself internally. I believe that this realization is more and more sinking in as the 2012 spectacle and also the hangover year are over, and as there hasn’t been a big collapse or rapture scenario for most of us. There will always be the next big event on the horizon—whether seen as positive or negative—but I dare suggest that the world will continue to spin around, humanity will continue to exist on this planet, and there won’t be an event where the gifts of enlightenment and discernment will be spontaneously bestowed upon all of humanity just like that. We can create significant events, but not without putting the effort into making such events happen ourselves. It’s up to our sustained focused intentions and actions, not to the grace of some outside force.

Making a positive difference in our environment happens both in the seen and unseen realms. First of all, it’s of utmost importance to come from a place of genuine care and appreciation for all of existence in general, or in other words: to learn about true love and teach it by loving, live your enthusiasm. With that basis, every action is more likely to be successful, auspicious and inspiring. As for tackling the unique challenges of our era, please consider the information contained in Revolution: An Instruction Manual. It deals with many of the how’s and why’s and shows chances as well as traps in terms of spreading information and being politically active. Other practical spheres of activity are for example to work on technical innovations, new business models, inspiring art and methodological innovations of all kinds—there’s an infinite number of ways to be creative and make one’s own life and other people’s lives richer. In the unseen, making a difference works via remote spiritual assistance as described in How To Heal The World. It’s essentially focused meditation, which can be done anywhere and at any time through directing one’s personal energy alone or in a group setting.

To move forward in a positive way it’s crucial that we step into our own power and hone our integrity, both as individuals and as communities. Pragmatism is a key component in that, as creative expansion and collaboration are about doing something that is of practical use right here and now, making choices that enable us to unfold and unwind, and taking everything to a higher level.

In that context, the idea of being non-judgmental and supportive of each other is not an appeal to avoid conflicts or controversies altogether. In fact, these are of vital importance and can be very beneficial if they’re engaged in with maturity, decency, clarity and moderation. A certain degree of detachment is also very helpful, especially when it is realized that there’s a significant charge involved in a situation. A constructive atmosphere can hardly be maintained without clearing that charge, which is usually an expression of unprocessed pain or fear. To help a person release his or her charges—wherever they may originate from—without judging the person during the process is of fundamental importance. This non-judgmental presence is also helpful when we face our own demons, as is described in this Fear Processing Exercise. It should be noted that after a particular charge is cleared, it may be necessary to reintegrate one’s personality. Or to give an analogy, after a pathogen is cleared from the body, certain parts of the body may still need healing.

A very efficient way to clear charges that is often overlooked is to do it with our physical containers. Avoiding toxins and eating healthy comes to mind, but there’s also great leverage in fixing one’s posture and body tone. Wilhelm Reich did seminal work as a therapist in this field as he supported his clients in identifying and releasing charges within the physical body, which he called “muscular armor” or “character armor.” John C. Pierrakos, one of Reich’s students, writes about the mechanics of this in his book Core Energetics:

“The energies trapped in the mask are considered negative energies, it is true, because armoring is an instrument of denial. But the defenses are not treated as hostile forces to be eradicated, like a colony of toxic bacteria. The vital substance they contain is good substance, core substance, though it is stagnated. The character structure affects the person’s capital of life by clustering it around the inner self and imposing warped imprints on it, which continue to suck more energy into themselves. But these distorted conditions begin as beautiful movements in the deepest part of the person, no matter how grotesque or destructive they may become as they emerge.”

Just as people with good intentions may follow distorted ideals when their genuine benevolence gets tainted with unconscious and unprocessed pain or fear, the same can happen to our body. Clearing charges through body work can be done with the help of just about any discipline you could think of, it could even be as simple as taking time to meditate with an awareness of the body or somewhat more actively shaking and thus loosening up the body from time to time, moving, flexing and stretching intuitively. Breathing exercises are another possible way to strengthen the energetic pathways and massages can be very helpful, too.

Psychological conditions do affect the physical body, its posture and general integrity. However, it also works the other way around: Through physically strengthening the body it’s possible to give debilitating energetic configurations less ground to hold on to, making the body a clearer channel for energy to flow through. The purpose is not to become an Olympic athlete, but to exercise movements with the intention of using the body as one unit, with integrity from head to toe, focusing on the development of a tone and posture that is whole. This wholeness leads to greater physical and psychological confidence—not cockiness, but a state in which one is more likely to stand one’s ground, be true to one’s essence and act in alignment with one’s core convictions without cringing in difficult situations.

To wrap this up, please use your own discernment and make your own experiences when evaluating or putting into practice the ideas presented here. And keep in mind that we’re experiencing life from a human perspective—facing infinity from inside a finite vessel. It can be expected that virtually any idea we will ever have in this existence is very limited, to say the least, seen against the backdrop of what there is to know. Therefore, instead of being too eager to measure the depth of existence while sailing the oceans with a cockleshell and violently fighting each other as we assert the correctness of our subjective results, it might be more resourceful to focus on doing our best to navigate, avoid collisions and support each other to the best of our abilities while acknowledging the limitations and difficulties arising from the human condition. We’re all out here in the storm, which is why it is said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

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